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All Bibby All the Time

Because her ass could stop traffic

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All Members , Moderated
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actress.model.daredevil.gorgeous.talented.funny.potty mouth.tall. blonde.energetic.courageous.girl next door.traffic stopping.loyal.smart.surfer.stunt woman.dream girl

teh community

...was created to honor one of Hollywood's finest actresses. It is for all Bibby fans and therefore membership is open. Come one. Come all.


teh who


teh rules

Things You Can Post

♦Any Bibby-related news
♦Thoughts and comments on Bibby's work
♦Screencaps, icons, fan arts, and any other pictures of
♦Fanfiction about any of Bibby's characters
♦Information about Bibby-related communities/websites/projects

Things You Cannot Do/Post

get_bibbed is a safe space for people to come and share their love and
slight obsessions for Leslie Bibb. Please treat all members with respect.
♦All community spamming should be Leslie Bibb related.
♦Put things behind cuts. If you have a story that's more than a hundred words, or a
picture that's really big, more than a few icons, or spoilers put it behind a cut tag.
♦Please tag your entries. If they are tagged incorrectly the mod will change them, but
please try not to make it a habit.
♦Do not hotlink pictures. People pay money for bandwidth, and hotlinking is stealing.
There are many places -- including Livejournal -- that provide image-hosting
completely free of charge.
♦The mod will totally delete your post if you're in violation of the rules more
than once. Consider this your last warning.

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